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How Much Do Garage Doors Cost In Gainesville, GA?

Planning to install a new garage door in Gainesville, GA?

 It’s essential to have an accurate idea of the potential cost, which can fluctuate depending on various factors like the door size, material, and type of operator. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you budget effectively.

  1. Single Garage Doors:

    In Gainesville, a single garage door’s cost generally falls within the range of $1,000 to $3,000. The exact price is influenced by factors such as the door’s material, its design, and the complexity of the installation process.

  2. Double Garage Doors:

    For those with larger garages that require double doors, the price tends to be slightly higher. Double garage doors usually cost between $1,700 and $3,500. The additional size and potential complexity of the installation are the main reasons for this increased cost.

  3. High-End Custom or Specialty Doors:

    If you’re eyeing a more unique, custom-built, or high-end garage door, be prepared to invest more. High-end garage doors in Gainesville can cost upwards of $5,000, reflecting their premium materials, intricate designs, and the higher labor costs associated with installing such specialty items.

  4. Garage Door Openers:

    Don’t forget about the convenience of automatic door openers. Garage door openers typically start around $500 and can go up to $1,200 or more, depending on the model’s features, brand, and installation complexity.

The cost of a new garage door in Gainesville, GA, can vary widely based on your specific needs and preferences. Make sure to budget appropriately for your project, keeping in mind the cost ranges we’ve outlined here. For the most accurate estimate, we recommend reaching out to a local garage door specialist who can provide a personalized quote based on your unique situation.
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Garage Door Installation

Tier1 Garage Door Free Estimate For Gainesville, GA

Firstly, If you know what you want, give us a call for a quick and easy quote. Although most customers prefer for us to show up, take measurements, and thus to discuss concerns. Once we have an idea of your concerns as well as your needs for garage door installation in Gainesville, GA, we will begin to discuss your garage door options, therefore, answering any questions. Our technician will generally discuss prices and options on the spot. However, on occasion,  a short amount of time will be needed to get an estimate.

We value your time

Garage Door Installation Process

You can expect quick and professional installation alongside a variety of sizes and designs in stock. Indeed. Some doors are available to be installed next day while others consequently might require time to be made which certainly can factor in your decision.

Firstly we ask for as much room to be made in the garage as possible, secondly, we will bring in your new door and thirdly, we will install the door. Additionally, we will remove your existing equipment prior to hauling it off. This is a free service without a doubt with the result that would be expected.

Additionally, Tier1 Garage Doors also offers emergency repair service therefore we will be available should an accident happen after business hours.

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These Are Just A Few Of Your Garage Door Installation Options With Tier1

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New Installation Or Replacement

Is that old garage door in need of replacement? Or do you need a garage door installed on your new building? How about a garage door where you currently have a wall?

Tier1 Garage Doors specializes in all garage door installation including sales and overhead garage door repair, liftmaster and chamberlain opener repair, new opener installation, etc…

Free Estimates

After all, who wants to pay for an estimate.? We pride ourselves on being a fair friendly company with straightforward pricing and top notch service

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Typical Residential Garage door Sizes



When having a new garage door installed in Gainesville there are several options to think about. 


  • What is your budget for the garage door installation?

  • What is your time frame for installation?

  • What size garage door will you need?

  • How many overhead doors will you need?

  • What color or wood tone would you like?

  • Are windows a necessity for your garage door?

    • Would you like them tinted?
    • Insulated glass?
    • Vinyl Inserts?


  • Would you like the garage door panels insulated? (we recommend at least opting for vinyl back insulation if the garage is attached to the home}

    • No Insulation (budget-friendly) $
    • 2in Vinyl Back Insulation (best value) $$
    • Sandwich Door with Polystyrene Insulation (Better) $$$
    • Sandwich Door with Polyurethane Insulation (Best) $$$$$


  • Would you like an electric opener?

    • We offer Chamberlain/Liftmaster openers with extended warranties
    • All of our residential openers come with MyQ WiFi capabilities


  • Additional garage door options to think about

    • Custom track (low headroom or high lift for overhead clearance)
    • High cycle torsion springs with extended warranties
    • Quiet safety package to allow for smoother operation
    • Garage Door Rodent Guard


Fast Garage Door Installation Gainesville, GA

Tier1 Garage Doors is conveniently located near Gainesville, GA, Atlanta, GA, and Buford, GA. We are often available for same-day or next-day services. For this reason, we are Gainesville’s most trusted garage door repair company. We serve all of North Georgia including Hall, Gwinnett, Jackson, Forsyth, and many more surrounding counties.