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If you use your overhead door regularly, it’s only a matter of time before you will need garage door repair service. For example, having your track replaced, repaired, re-aligned, or fixed. Sometimes you just need help getting your roll up door down for the evening. With this in mind, Tier1 is here to help you get your door back on track.

Broken Springs

Without a doubt, Torsion springs are the most dangerous part on a garage door system. Firstly we would like to point out, springs are wear and tear parts that will eventually need to be replaced, however, because torsion springs are under a lot of tension, they can be very dangerous. Accordingly, don't risk it. It would help if you indeed had your door back operational ASAP. Under those circumstances, give us a call.

Squeaky Garage Doors

Over time doors will generally develop some noise, however, some noises can be concerning. Meanwhile, our professional technicians are trained on the proper way to assess and repair these types of complications. Undoubtedly you will experience some form of noise over the life of your door. Whenever this occurs, make sure to have it inspected, otherwise, you could have unexpected issues.

And all other garage door repair issues...

Regardless of your garage door repair issue, we can solve it. Above all, Tier1 Garage Door specializes in customer service with a emphasis on garage door repairs including... *Maintenance *Remote programming *Roller Replacement *Damaged Sections *Garage Door Motor Repair * etc...

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Best Garage Door Repair Company In Gainesville, GA

When you defer garage door maintenance, it can prompt exorbitant repairs, however, we are here to help reduce the cost.  Accordingly, if you want the best nearby garage door specialists giving us a call will be your best option.

At TIER1 Garage Doors, we work with responsible and trustworthy technicians to give you brilliant garage door repair services. Also, we have broad repair services for a wide range of garage doors and openers. Particularly, this experience incorporates both older-style wooden doors as well as the latest garage doors. Our trained professionals can rapidly find out the issue and sort it out quickly.
Whether it is a garage door adjustment, repair, or emergency service, We have your optimal solution. At our warehouse, we have a suitable inventory of replacement parts, which permits us to fix your garage door issue during our first visit.



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Garage Door Opener Repair

If you need to repair your garage door opener, Tier1 Garage Doors works on all major brands and can get your overhead door running smoothly in no time. Whether the problem lies with the opener’s motherboard or remote batteries. Your garage door opener may be to blame if your garage door won’t open at all. If your opener makes an odd grinding noise, it’s probably not working properly. In conclusion, when any of these issues happen, call your favorite garage door company immediately. 

In other words, call Tier1 Garage Doors.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Firstly, garage door springs ensure your door opens and closes smoothly. Secondly, overhead door springs are incredibly powerful, and if they break, the garage door may unexpectedly fall.

Most importantly, broken springs can pose significant safety risks, however, you must ensure they are in safe working condition year-round. With that in mind, It’s also best to enlist the help of a professional for spring repair or replacement because replacing a garage door spring can result in injury. Furthermore broke or faulty springs can also cause the opener to burn out from working too hard. Consequently, repairing or replacing your garage door springs will help save you money in the long run.


Preventative Maintenance

While the average garage door will go up and down more than 1,000 times a year. In time, garage door preventive maintenance ensures your operating system continues to run smoothly, without posing potential risks to property or household members. Since with too much wear and tear and improper maintenance, overhead doors can lock, stick or even fall on cars or other objects that get in the way.

Save Money Too

Did you know regular overhead door maintenance costs less than repairs? Furthermore, Investing in regular garage door maintenance can also improve safety conditions and increase the life expectancy of your garage door opener, hardware and parts.  Certainly, at Tier1 Garage Doors, we recommend an annual garage door tune-up to help ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety for your overhead door.

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Fast Garage Door Repair Gainesville, GA

Whereas Tier1 Garage Doors is conveniently located near Gainesville, GA, Atlanta, GA, and Buford, GA. Without delay, we are often available for same-day or next-day services. For this reason, we are Gainesville’s most trusted garage door repair company. In conclusion, we serve all of North Georgia including Hall, Gwinnett, Jackson, Forsyth, and many more counties.